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Seminário do CEG-IST

8 Novembro 2016, 15:22 - Maria de Fátima Rodrigues Palma Jacinto

No âmbito do Ciclo de Seminários do CEG-IST temos o prazer de anunciar o seguinte seminário:

Data - 14 de Novembro de 2016, Segunda-feira, 12:00-14:00.

Local - Sala V1.06 (Técnico - Alameda, Pavilhão de Civil)

Tema - CleanTechnology a Hype or a need also in view of Product Services System

Palestrante - Prof. Dirk Franco, Hasselt University.



In this seminar the main topic will deal with  the parallelism between Energy Efficiency Services (EES) in buildings and the actual clean technology is illustrated.

First, we discuss the actual energy needs for the heating of buildings, both public and private, in combination with the present greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions. In the past one often used trias energetica principles in order to improve the energy efficiency (and thus lower the GHG) (strictly spoken this is the use of end of pipe technology). Product Services System (PSS) is often considered as a solution for the environmental impact for products. It facilitates the economic grow without increasing material resources as it offers the service instead of product. We see across all industries a trend moving towards services, and dematerialised consumption. In this context EES and their variants can be seen as subset of Product Services System (PSS). Indeed, these project are output driven as the services (light, heat, ….)  are important and the accompagnied business models are based on the cost benefits during the Total Life Cycle.  EES applied to buildings can therefore be seen as an expression of clean technology (main characteristics are renewable energy, closed loops and decentralized). Due to this way of organizing, buildings are no longer the problem, but are the solution to solve the (energy) problem. In addition there will be time to look forward to clean technologies in the near future in view of material resources, waste reduction and energy flexibility.


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