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Open search

2 Março 2020, 14:49 - Fátima Jacinto

The Center for Management Studies of Instituto Superior Técnico (CEG-IST), University of Lisbon, is pursuing an open search for candidates wishing to pursue doctoral and postdoctoral research in the Center’ scientific areas of interest.

Doctoral scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships (up to three years) are available for candidates with a strong Curriculum Vitae.

Potential candidates should send a “zip” file, until March 31st, 2020, to the following email addresses: and including the following items:

1. Curriculum Vitae.

2. Brief research plan (2 pages).

3. Contact (including e-mail addresses) of three professors, researchers, or professionals in the field who can be contacted for sending reference letters attesting the scientific qualities of the possible candidate.