National and European research contracts

The following examples illustrate the several on-going research contracts:

• Cohort effects within firms, and their implications for labour market outcomes and the business cycle, a project with the University of Edinburg and Michigan State University funded by the Economic and Social Research Council - UK.

• Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data (CAED): Industry Dynamics, Firm Performance, and Worker Outcomes, a COST project with the Central European University.

• COINVEST-Competitiveness, Innovation and Intangible Investment in Europe (FP7 EU - Project).

• Innovation and the Global Economy: An investigation of critical challenges for Intellectual Property, Strategy and Policy in IT and beyond.

• Resource allocation for management support: Interactive tools, models, and applications (RENOIR).

• The Influence of Higher Education on the Dynamics of Entering and Exiting Entrepreneurship: A Longitudinal Study of Portuguese Business-owners.

Collaboration with Industry and the public sector

The following examples illustrate the several on-going contracts with industry and public institutions:

• Multi-criteria approaches for project prioritization and resource allocation: Decision conferencing for project prioritization with MACBETH and resource allocation with EQUITY.

• CLC II - Scheduling of oil products distribution through pipelines and inventory management at a distribution centre.

• LogInv - Aiming at developing a generic model to deal with the global supply chain management with reverse flows.

• Optimal Planning & Scheduling of Multiproduct Oil Distribution Systems.

• Private health insurance in the European Union: a study for the European Commission.

• QQUIP (Quest for Quality and Improved Performance) is a five-year research initiative of The Health Foundation.

• Application of the Multi-services Hierarchical Model to Hospital.

• Multinational Firms and Working Conditions.

• Spatial planning at the regional and local levels in Portugal.