Alexander (Alex) Kirillov is a Professor of Chemistry at the Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon (IST/ULisbon), Portugal. After graduating in Chemical Engineering (2001), he started a doctoral program and completed a PhD in Chemistry (2006) from the Technical University of Lisbon (TULisbon, IST), where he also was a post-doctoral fellow (2007) and senior researcher (2008-2011, 'Science 2007' PT Govt. program). He has been an invited/visiting professor & researcher at universities in Brazil, China and France, and is involved in various international research projects.

Research Highlights
Author of 300 peer-reviewed publications, including:
-275 Research Papers (h index = 70),
-15 Patents & 8 Book Chapters;

-100 Conference Abstracts;
-50 Invited Talks & Lectures at International Conferences/Universities;
-35 Students/Researchers supervised/co-supervised (postdocs, PhD, MSc, BSc);
-15 Fellowships & Awards;
-10 Projects & Grants as PI (Principal Investigator or Co-PI) & 20 Projects as Co-I;
-500 New Crystal Structures Published (Cambridge Structural Database, incl. 300 Coordination Polymers/MOFs);
-Reviewer for 100 Journals & Evaluator for 6 Science Agencies.

Current Research & Expertise
Current Research Focuses on Coordination ChemistryFunctional MaterialsCatalysis & C-H Functionalization with an emphasis on the following topics:(i) Design of Functional Coordination Polymers, Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) & Advanced (Bio)Materials;(ii) Synthetic & Catalytic Processes in Aqueous Medium; Bioactive, Catalytic, Antimicrobial & Drug-Releasing Materials;(iii) Catalytic Functionalization of Hydrocarbons and Renewable Feedstocks into Derivatives with Industrial Significance (oxidation, carboxylation, green protocols, sustainable and bioinspired catalysis);(iv) Science Art & Design, Education & Science Communication.

Selected Prizes & Awards
-CGD Bank / ULisbon 2020 Scientific Prize (the most productive and highly cited researcher of the University of Lisbon in areas of Chem. & Chem. Eng.);
-Excellent Professor - 5 Diplomas of Pedagogical Excellence (2013-2020), IST-ULisbon;
-Santander Totta Bank / TULisbon 2011 Scientific Prize (the most productive and highly cited researcher of the Technical University of Lisbon in areas of Chem. & Chem. Eng.);
-Deloitte / TULisbon 2008 Young Investigator Award (highly productive young researcher of TULisbon).

Research & Publication Profiles
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Outreach, Education & Science Communication