Maria de Fátima Costa Guedes da Silva is Associate Professor, with Habilitation, at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal. She is the Coordinator of the research group of Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis of the Centro de Química Estrutural, member of the Coordination Commission of this Centre and of the Directive Board of the Catalysis and Sustainability (CATSUS) PhD program. Her main research interests include: structural determination, by X-ray diffraction analysis, of metal complexes and organic compounds, metal polynuclear assemblies and supramolecular structures; activation, by transition metal centres, of small molecules with biological, pharmacological, environmental or industrial significance; metal mediated synthesis and catalysis; catalysis in aqueous media; and mechanistic investigation of fast reactions mainly by digital simulation of cyclic voltammetry. She co-authored over 300 research publications, h-index = 44 (Web of Science, from 281 documents, January 2019). She was awarded the Prize of the Portuguese Electrochemical Society (2013), as well as  the Scientific Prize Universidade de Lisboa /Caixa Geral de Depósitos (2017)