Knowledge Transfer

Rendering of services and consulting

2017-2019       Conselheira de Portugal no Mundo (CPM) do Conselho da Diáspora Portuguesa/World Portuguese Network.

                         Conselho da Diáspora Portuguesa is a non-profit association with the institutional support of the President of

                         Portugal. The main instrument of Conselho da Diáspora Portuguesa is the World Portuguese Network that involves

                         a group of Portuguese citizens living abroad, with influence in 4 different areas: Economics, Science, Culture and




2010-2015        Leadership/Opinion Panel Member of the Innovation Barometer COTEC Portugal.



Organization of congresses and conferences

2019                Science Commissioner, Ciência2019 conference, Portugal (more than 4,000 participants)

2017                Session Convener, Goldschmidt conference, France (more than 4,000 participants)

2016                Session Convener, Goldschmidt conference, Japan (more than 4,000 participants)

2015                Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC) of the ASB6 conference, UK (~100 participants)

2015                Session Convener, AbSciCon conference, Chicago, USA (~2,500 participants)

2015                Session Convener, EGU conference, Vienna, Austria (more than 12,000 participants)

2014                Session Convener, Goldschmidt conference, USA (more than 4,000 participants)

2014                Co-Chair of the scientific organising committee of the UK-Brazil-Chile Frontiers of Science

2012                Session Convener, AbSciCon conference, USA (~2,500 participants)

2011                Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC) of the MetSoc conference, UK (~500 participants)

2011                Session Convener, EPSC-DPS conference, France (~1,000 participants)

2010                Session Convener, EPSC conference, Italy (~1,000 participants)

2009                Session Convener, Goldschmidt Conference, Switzerland (more than 4,000 participants)