Commissions of Trust

2019-present    Editorial Board Member of the Astrobiology Journal
2019-2023        Co-Director of the MIT-Portugal Program
2019-2023        Member of the Jessberger Award Committee of the Meteoritical Society
2019-2023        Member of the Leonard Medal Committee of the Meteoritical Society
2019-2022        Expert Member of the Life Sciences Working Group (LSWG) of ESA

2018-present    External Expert Member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Society of Astrobiology (SIA)

2018-2020        Member of the Research Grants board 15K Physical Sciences, Royal Society, UK

2017-present    Portuguese Representative of the Executive Committee of the European Astrobiology Network Association (EANA)

2015-2021        Member of the Newton International Fellowship Panel, Royal Society, UK

2015-2017        Member of the Phobos Sample Return Science Study Team, European Space Agency (ESA)

2015-2016        Science Officer for Origins and Astrobiology, Planetary and Solar System Sciences Division of the

                         European Geosciences Union (EGU)

2015                 Member of the Lunar Sample Return Science Definition Team (LPSR SDT), ESA

2015-2017        Member of Space Environments Working Group (SEWG), UK Space Agency (UKSA), UK

2014-2018        Member of Working Group 2 of the EU-Framework 7 Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) action

                       TD1308 ORIGINS

2014-2015        ESA Topical Team Member Lunar Exploitation of local planetary materials (ELPM)

2014                Group Chief of Proposal Review panel, Emerging Worlds Program, NASA

2012-2016        Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Astrobiology (IJA)

2012                Group Chief of Proposal Review panel, NASA Astrobiology Institute Cycle 6 CAN, NASA

2011-2018        ESA Topical Team Member Future Astrobiology Experiments in Earth orbit and beyond