Maximilian Kopylovich (further ? MK) graduated with distinction in Chemical Engineering with specialization in Biotechnology from Byelorussian State Technological University (BSTU, 1993) and completed his PhD degree in Chemistry with excellent mark (1998) at the same Institution. Then MK worked as a post-doctoral fellow (1999-2007), auxiliary (2008-2013) and senior (2014-now) researcher at the Centro de Química Estrutural, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Portugal.

MK is a recipient of post-doc grants from FCT (Portugal), PRAXIS XXI (1999) and POCTI (2004) Programs, a working contract from IST and working contracts from FCT within the ?Ciencia 2007" and ?Investigador 2013" Programs. MK was/is a team leader (Principal Investigator) of 3 projects and team member of other 6 Projects. 4 master, 3 post-graduate students and 4 post-docs were/are (co-)supervised by him. MK assisted laboratory courses (Química I and Química II) at Instituto Supérior Técnico, supervised laboratory activities of a number ERASMUS/SOCRATES or Marie Curie research training students, lectured courses on ?Advanced Strategies of Synthesis? and ?Homogeneous Catalysis? and guided ?Specialization Laboratories? for MSc students. His publication record contains more than 160 peer-reviewed publications, including ca. 140 research papers in ISI journals (>2800 citations, average citations per item 20.65; h=31), 10 chapters in books or reviews, 11 patents, about 80 conference presentations. MK is a co-editor of 1 book of international circulation; also he was a member of several academic Juries for admission and progression in academic careers, member of organizing committees of several international conferences and is referee for various scientific journals. He is a senior author and/or the first author in ca. 50 and 60 publications, respectively, ca. 100 of the papers were published independently from his PhD supervisor (Prof. Alexey Baev). Ca. 60 papers were published in major chemical journals such as Angewandte ChemieJournal of the American Chemical SocietyCoordination Chemistry ReviewsChemical CommunicationsChemistry - A European JournalAdvanced Synthesis and CatalysisInorganic ChemistryCrystal Growth and DesignDalton Transactions.

Scientific interests of MK lay mainly within coordination chemistry, p,d-element mediated synthesis and catalysis. In particular, he contributed to general understanding of behavior of metal ions in water solutions and participated in the development of new methods of synthesis of triazapentadienato-, aminopolyalcoholato-, arylhydrazo-, iminoisoindolinone, tetrazolato-, pentane-2,4-dione-, piperazine-, 1,3,5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane etc. complexes of metals from virtually all groups of the Periodic Table. Such representatives of the newly synthesized compounds as phthalocyanines, inorganic?organic hybrid materials, coordination polymers, heteronuclear complexes have well-renown impact in industry; also they were studied as new catalysts, drugs, dyes, ionophors and non-linear optical materials. Practical significance of the performed studies is supported by a number of acquired patents. Current research interests of MK are related to the p-element assisted syntheses and catalytic applications of the thus synthesized compounds.

Most relevant scientific publications

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