Carlos M.G.L. Teixeira holds a Double-Doctorate on Earth and Life Sciences by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and in Environmental Engineering by the University of Lisbon. Previously, he has obtained a degree (Licenciatura) in Biology Applied to Animal Resources (Land variant) and a Masters (M.Sc.) in Conservation Biology, by the University of Lisbon.


In previous years, Carlos M.G.L. Teixeira has developed research in the fields of ethology and molecular genetics, in the framework of ex-situ and in-situ conservation purposes, as well in the field of astrobiology.


In his Doctoral thesis, Carlos M.G.L. Teixeira has identified relevant primary and secondary patterns regarding the metabolism of modern bird species and explored the role of these patterns in explaining the ecological diversity currently observed in this group. For these purposes he has parameterized forty phylogenetically representative species of bird and organized a general database for the whole Neornithes.


Additionally, Carlos M.G.L. Teixeira has supported the development of science-based policy towards sustainability. He completed a mandate as Board Member of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) as well as four mandates as Board Member and Vice-President of the League for the Protection of Nature (LPN). He has also represented civil society in several public committees and worked as a consultant in strategic environmental assessments with a focus on biodiversity related issues.


He is an alumnus of the Alpbach and ALTER-Net Summer Schools as well as of the Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network by the Atlantic Council and Ecologic Institute.