LiderA is the Portuguese acronym of Lead for the environment in search of sustainability construction, and is the designation of a Portuguese  voluntary system which aims an efficient and integrated support,  of the evaluation and certification process of the built environments that seek sustainability. Through its principles and criteria, LiderA allows the support  of development projects that seek to ensure sustainability and the demand for product sustainability in built environments (buildings, urban areas, projects, materials and products) from the design stage to operation stage.

The LiderA System:

The system was developed by Manuel Duarte Pinheiro, Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering. He is also a professor at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, in Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon, Portugal) and the founder of IPA - Innovation and Projects in the Environment, Lda and 4Rs, lda.

The system resulted from a series of scientific works about sustainability in buildings and built environments, developed from 2000 to 2005, which lead, in 2005, to its first version and to the delivery of the first certifications in 2007. The LiderA system is intended: (1) to support the development of plans and projects seeking sustainability, (2) to evaluate its performance and position in the design, construction and operation phases, concerning the demand for sustainability, (3) to support environmental management, (4) to assign a certification by trademark through a verification by an independent evaluation and (5) to be a distinctive brand for businesses and customers who value sustainability.

LiderA - Sustainability Assessment System is a Portuguese registered brand and it is composed of construction environmental performance levels, designed from a sustainable point of view, that can be compared to different performance levels (G to A + +), which should be better than existing practices (E), in order to be recognized as good sustainable practices. If the verified LiderA performance reaches a final assessment of sustainability labelled as class C, B, A, A + or A + +, buildings or built environments are certified with a good sustainability level.

Publications and other activities

LiderA has been carrying out, since 2005, a series of publications targeted to support the search for sustainability, opinion articles, participation in seminars, courses and organizes conferences since 2009. It must be mentioned the edition of a book on Environment and Sustainable Construction (2006), ten academic theses, namely the Ph.D. of Prof Manuel Duarte Pinheiro, on Environmental Management Systems for Sustainable Construction (2008), and several Master Degree Thesis that approaches Sustainable Construction and the LiderA System, as well as international publications, more than 40 training courses for post graduates and several other lectures in seminars and conferences on sustainable construction and the LiderA System.

Portuguese books

Sustainable Real Estate (2015) - Pinheiro, Manuel Duarte (2014). Imobiliário sustentável. Mudar de paradigma e integrar a sustentabilidade de forma proativa. 286 páginas. Vida Imobiliária, Porto, Portugal. ISBN 978-989-8414-21-2.

The book is available at:
Design with Sustainability (2010) -  Manual Pinheiro, Manuel (2010). Manual para projectos de licenciamento com sustentabilidade segundo o sistema LiderA. 388 p., Volume I - Síntese Executiva (40 páginas), Volume II - Programa preliminar e estudos de base (84 páginas), Volume III - Projecto de licenciamento (138 páginas), Volume IV - Anexos - desenhos técnicos (126 páginas). Apoio: Ana Sousa, Bruno Xisto, Deolinda Chaves, Duarte Nunes, João Soeiro, Madalena Esquível, Manuel Duarte) Estoril. ISBN 978-989-96922-0-6.

Environment and sustainable construction (2006) - Pinheiro, Manuel Duarte (2007). Ambiente e Construção Sustentável. Instituto do Ambiente (actual Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, 246 p. ISBN 972-8577-32-X

As an introduction to this approach it is important to refer the book on Environment and Sustainable Construction published in 2006 by the Portuguese Environmental Agency, from the author of the LiderA system, Manuel Duarte Pinheiro, which presents the approaches, strategies and environmental criteria used in the pursuit of a healthy built environment based on ecological principles. This book introduces the principles of sustainable construction, with special emphasis on the built environment, suggesting a set of environmental criteria to consider in the search for sustainability in construction, including the introduction of the LiderA system.