International Projects

[10] External Consultant in the project "Investigation of Parameters, Properties and Phenomena of Radio Signals from Pulsars and their Interaction with Objects", headed by Prof. Ivan Garvanov and funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund (2016-17).

[9] Project Coordinator "PulsarPlane: Worldwide Air Transport Operations" at INESC-ID. FP7-AAT-2012-RTD-LO, Beginning: 2013. Duration: 18 months.

[8] Coordinator of the IMAGIC Project "Integrated Magnetic Implant based on spintronics Components" at INESC-ID. FP7-ICT-2011-7. Beginning: 2011. Duration: 36 months.

[7] Responsible for INESC-ID  task "Low-power Low Cost CMOS Transceivers" (Work Package 2) of the European Project "SE2A, Nanoelectronics for Safe, Fuel Efficient and Environment Friendly Automotive Solutions".ENIAC Call 2008. Beginning: 2009. Duration: 36 months.Project Coordinator at INESC-ID, Prof. Leonel Sousa.

[6] Responsible for INESC-ID Work Package 4 of the European Project "Chameleon RF," Comprehensive High-Accuracy Modeling of Electromagnetic Effects in Complete Nanoscale RF Blocks ". Strep-IST 6th Framework Program. Beginning: 2005. Duration: 30 months.Project Coordinator at INESC-ID, Prof. Luís Silveira.

[5] Coordinator of the Collaboration Agreement (CAPES-GRICES) between the INESC-ID Group of Analog and Mixed Circuits and the Microelectronics Group (GMICRO) of the Federal University of Santa Maria in Brazil.Beginning: 2006. Duration: 36 months.

[4] Researcher in the European Project "CORTIVIS: Cortical Neuroprosthesis for the Blind".QLK6-CT-2001-00279 RTD Program. Beginning: 2001. Duration: 3 years.Project Coordinator at INESC-ID: Prof. Moisés Piedade.

[3] Invited researcher from June to October 2000 at the Technical University of Delft (Netherlands) in the Ubiquitous Communications Project.
Following his stay at TU Delft, he participated in the International SiGe Design Contest promoted by SRC (Semiconductor Research Corporation - Integrated Circuits and System Sciences) sponsored by IBM Corporation, Cadence Design Systems, National Semiconductor Corporation, Nurlogic Design, and MOSIS . Participation in the contest was carried out in partnership with TU Delft (Holland) with a project entitled "OSCMIX - A Combined Oscillator / Mixer for a Low-IF Receiver". The project was one of 15 works selected for manufacturing (among 59 projects of world-renowned universities).

[2] Researcher on ESPRIT-3 project TIBIA 8001. "BiCMOS A / D Converter Including Anti-Aliasing Filter". He made several analog circuits as demonstrators of a 0.8 μm BiCMOS technology developed by ES2- European Silicon Structures.Project Coordinator at INESC-ID: Prof. Manuel Medeiros Silva.

[1] Investigator in the ESPRIT-2 BiCMOS 412/2430 project. "A High Performance CMOS-Bipolar Process" Made a Parallel Analog / Digital Converter as demonstrator of a 1.6 μm BiCMOS technology developed by Philips Research Labs.Project Coordinator at INESC-ID: Prof. Manuel Medeiros Silva.