Low-Speed Wind Tunnel (LSWT)

The LSWT is an open-circuit wind tunnel facility used in research on Low-Reynolds-Number Aerodynamics at Instituto Superior Técnico.


This wind tunnel operates in the incompressible flow regime, with a maximum air speed of 10 m/s.Tests can be performed in the free jet or inside a closed test section with a rectangular cross-sectional area of 135 x 80 cm2. At maximum speed, the freestream turbulence intensity in the potential core is below 0.3%.

Data acquisition:

Data acquisition as well as the adjustment of angle of attack and air speed are achieved via the in-house developed software AeroIST. The instrumentation includes continuous monitorization of the air temperature and operating dynamic pressure, together with a custom-made six-component compact balance for the measurement of aerodynamic forces and moments employing a single-strut model support.

Main instrumentation:

  • Six-component compact Aerodynamic Balance by Schenk
  • Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry system by Dantec
  • Three-channel Constant Temperature Anemometry system by Dantec