Meshless Methods

Meshless approaches present various advantages over the use of classical methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics, namely in the case of complex and moving surfaces or bodies within a fluid. Among the former, the Lagrangian method known as Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) has seen many developments in recent years, thus broadening significantly its range of applications.

Treatment of open and complex moving boundaries using SPH:

Exploring the full potential of the meshless character of SPH for problems of engineering interest requires the development of efficient procedures for the treatment of inlet and outlet sections, free-stream boundaries and complex moving solid surfaces, such as those encountered in the study of a harmonically-plunging airfoil.

Flow-based particle refinement using SPH:

Higher numerical accuracy may be obtained in SPH through the implementation of dynamic, local refinement procedures. Lagrangian visualization of large-scale structures in the flow turns out to be an accessory benefit of this approach.