Aircraft Emissions

In early days of Aviation, environmental aspects used to come a long way after topics such as safety, performance and economics. Nowadays, environmental considerations have become important design criteria in order to prevent environmental damage, which is a precondition for maintaining sustainable mobility. Further reductions in Aircraft Emissions are needed in the future, namely to offset the expected growth in aviation traffic.

Low-NOx combustors for gas turbines:

Further improvements to the high-efficiency performance of gas turbine combustors may be achieved by adopting some characteristics of the "flameless" concept, such as distributed reaction within large recirculation regions and the approach to spontaneous ignition conditions (in collaboration with Prof. M. Costa).

Strategies to reduce emissions in operation and design of commercial aircraft:

Reductions in fuel consumption, pollutant emissions and perceived aircraft noise may be obtained via implementation of improved or new aircraft operations practices, including the use of alternative fuels, as well as through various optimization procedures applied at design stage.