CaReCI Seminar Oral Presentations 8 October 2019

Program (pdf)

Group photography

1 - Plenary Lecture: The role of ProcessIntegration in the GHG and Haze/Smog Emissions Reduction (Jiří KLEMEŠ)

2 - Opening Session: CaReCI Project Goals (Carla C. Pinheiro)

3 - CaReCI Project: Sustainable Use of Natural Geological Materials and Wastes as Promising Ca-Looping Sorbents for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture (Paula Teixeira)

4 - CaReCI Project: Modeling the Performance of CaO-Based Sorbents During Multiple Ca-Looping Cycles for CO2 Post-Combustion Capture (Rui Filipe)

5 - CaReCI Project: Technical and Economic Evaluation of Ca-looping Process for CO2Capture in the Cement Industry (Henrique Matos)

6 - Decarbonisation Challenges in the Cement Sector (Paulo Rocha)

7 - Capturing CO2 with Adsorbent Materials (Moisés Pinto)

8 - Polymeric Ionic Liquids Membranes for EfficientCO2 Separations (Isabel Marrucho)

9 - New Fuel from CO2 for Cement Plants (Margarida Mateus)

10 - Nanostructured f-Block Element Bimetallic Oxides as Catalysts for the Conversion of Carbon Dioxide (Ana Cristina Ferreira)

11 - Assessing the Potential Application of Zeolite-Based Catalysts in Power-to-Gas: Advantages and Main Drawbacks (Carmen Bacariza)

12 - Net4CO2- Network for a Sustainable CO2 Economy (Carlos Martins de Andrade)

13 - C5Lab - Sustainable Construction Materials Association: A Challenge to the Future (Rogério Colaço) 

14 - Final Remarks (Carla Pinheiro)