Professor José Sá da Costa obtained his “licenciatura” in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Lisbon in 1974, and his MSc and PhD in Control Engineering in 1978 and 1982, respectively, from UMIST, U.K. Up to April 2015 he was full professor in Control Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico - University of Lisbon, Portugal. During his career teach more than 30 different subjects, mainly in the area of Control Engineering at undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Mechanical, Naval, Aeronautical and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He supervised 18 PhD theses in the areas of Control Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and 120 MSc dissertations in the area of Control Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Industrial Informatics. From 1993 to 2015 was the head of the Centre of Intelligent Systems of IDMEC – Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal and member of the board of IDMEC. His research interests include fault tolerant control, surgery robots, fractional systems, active noise and vibration control, control in health and ocean wave energy devices. The outcome of the research activity is compiled in more than 320 papers in journals, conference proceedings, books and chapter of books published in some of the best international journals and publishers. He has been involved in 8 European research projects and 35 national projects; mainly as principal researcher. Serve as associate editor of Control Engineering Practice (1998-2012), Int. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (2002-2014), and Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (2003-2013). He served as referee in 18 international journals and 88 international conferences. He is member of IEEE – Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (since 1980), IFAC – International Federation of Automatic Control (since 1986), EPAC – European Professors of Automatic Control (president 1990-1994), and APCA - Portuguese Association for Control Engineering (founder and first president, since 1994). He received the Heaviside Premium granted by the IEE Council of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, UK, in 1999. Since April 2015 is retired professor at Instituto Superior Técnico – University of Lisbon, senior researcher at Centre of Intelligent Systems of IDMEC and member of LAETA – Associated Laboratory for Energy, Transports and Aeronautics.