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24 Setembro 2020, 09:50 Daniel Jorge Viegas Gonçalves

In case you missed it two announcements ago: you must login to moodle and enroll in the InfoVis course there, as I explained in the first class. It is where everything will be happening. Several materials are already there, as are several announcements, etc. Starting next week, after the lab group enrollments are done (you have until tomorrow 12:00...) nothing else will be happening in Fenix.

As of right now, out of the 128 enrolled students, only 87 have enrolled in Moodle. That means that over 40 of you do not have access to the slides, the videos, the homework,  the lab materials, etc. Please "move" there ASAP...

Labs: New vacancies

23 Setembro 2020, 09:39

Course's Moodle Page

22 Setembro 2020, 11:22

Lecture Zoom Link

21 Setembro 2020, 16:00

Notes on the first week of class

18 Setembro 2020, 16:13

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