Final Grade Percentage: 30% of total

Lab Checkpoints


Checkpoint I: Week of Sep 30
Checkpoint II: Week of Oct 14
Checkpoint III: Week of Oct 28
Checkpoint IV: Week of Nov 25
Checkpoint V: Week of Dec 16

Final Grade Percentage (70% of total):

Checkpoint I: 5%
Checkpoint II: 10%
Checkpoint III: 15%
Checkpoint IV: 10%
Checkpoint V: 30%

Lab checkpoints will be used to verify process in the visualization you're crafting. While the grade will be given to the whole group, each individual student of the group needs to be present in the checkpoint lab in order to be granted the grade (in other words, if you don't show you'll get a zero even if your colleagues present the work).

There is a minimum grade of 9.5 (not rounded) in the weighted average of all checkpoints (normalized to a 0-20 scale) in order to pass the course. Plus, Checkpoint V itself will have a minimum passing grade of 9.5.

The projects must be all stand-alone, locally-based. No servers, backends, etc. Rule-of-Thumb: unzip, load an HTML file on the browser, and it is ready to go (even if I then turn off the Internet connection.

Extra Grade Points

Two optional works, Dear Data and Physical Vis, can give you up to 1 extra grade point each.


Students with officially recognized student work status can opt for the following evaluation method:

  • The Lab component must be done individually 
  • You won't need to attend the labs but will need to deliver, by email, the same deliverables as the other students until 12:00 on the Friday of the week when the checkpoint takes place. You will get feedback by email.
  • You will still need to be present for the exam.