Exame 2 (and Final!) grades are out!

2 Fevereiro 2020, 09:54 Daniel Jorge Viegas Gonçalves

In the "Grades" page, as usual!

Exam 2 Review

30 Janeiro 2020, 14:27 Daniel Jorge Viegas Gonçalves

As announced yesterday: the exam review will take place next Tuesday, at 10h00 (Taguspark) and 11h30 (Alameda).

Historically, this exam review (2nd exam) has had very few to no students (!)  In the interest of practicality and resource rationality, we ask that, if you intend to attend (once the grades come out, of course), you email me stating that interest. If no one does so until 21h00 on Monday, the review will not take place. Of course, if at least one student wants to attend, we'll be there!

Enrollment for the second exam

23 Janeiro 2020, 11:40 Daniel Jorge Viegas Gonçalves

Enrollment for the second exam is now open. This is mandatory: we will not be killing trees to print out extra copies of the exam that will remain unused. As such, if you plan to attend, please enroll. For the same reason: do not enroll unless you are really going to attend, "just in case"... You have until Monday morning to decide, please do it wisely.

Exam Grades

23 Janeiro 2020, 11:36 Daniel Jorge Viegas Gonçalves

Find them in the Grades page!

Exam Review Rooms

21 Janeiro 2020, 16:13 Daniel Jorge Viegas Gonçalves

Room 2.10 at Taguspark (9h00) and room F2 at Alameda (11h00)