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13 Setembro 2019, 11:41 Daniel Jorge Viegas Gonçalves

Welcome, all! Hope to see you next week in our lectures! Meanwhile, a coupe of useful things. Firstly, next week we will have lectures (obviously!) but not labs. Instead, you will need to enroll in the schedule you want. Lab classes will start on the second week of classes. 

You will need to form groups of three students, as you can only enroll with a complete group. This is a first come-first served affair: if you really want a certain schedule, get there first. But prepare a backup plan, since if that schedule is full, you'll need to enroll in another one. Given the way in which we teach the labs, with individual feedback to every group, we cannot allow more people than the original vacancies. So... again... get there first!

Regarding groups with people from Alameda at Taguspark or vice-versa: there may not enough vacancies to ensure everyone goes everywhere. So, by default, you should enroll for the labs in the campus in which you are enrolled in the course. We may accommodate some exceptions only if the flows are symmetrical. In the case someone from a campus needs a vacancy occupied by a group with people from another campus and there aren't any other free vacancies in that campus, we will eject the already enrolled group. So, beware...

Finally: the Friday lab is closed for enrollments. Given our lack of resources, we cannot at this moment ensure it will work, especially if there are not enough students in the course to justify it, which is currently the case.

See you all on Monday!

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