Please enroll...

24 Setembro 2021, 09:01 Daniel Jorge Viegas Gonçalves

Since yesterday morning, all MEIC students can enroll in whatever schedule. Please do...

GOP is still working on a solution for MECD students, but there are only four that haven't still enrolled. I would urge you to take a look and if you can in any of the places where you're allowed to do so (things reshuffled a bit recently) then do as well, please...

Enrolment in all (available) schedues

21 Setembro 2021, 19:30 Daniel Jorge Viegas Gonçalves

It appears that for some reason Fenix is not letting students from all degrees enroll in all open schedules. I've already asked for GOP to fix this. Eventually all students should be able to enroll anywhere (again, except for the 4 closed lab schedules) regardless of their origin.

Welcome to InfoVis - Important Information!

21 Setembro 2021, 10:58 Daniel Jorge Viegas Gonçalves

Welcome to the InfoVis course! This is a bit long, but read it through...

tl;dr: some lab schedules will be closing, and you should start preparing for the first week of classes right now, by going to the course's moodle site (, where all the materials are.

This year, with the change to a new teaching model (MEPP), we'll be doing things a bit differently, so here's a head's up of some things you need to pay attention to TODAY.

Firstly, we will, unfortunately, be closing some of the originally available lab schedules. The number of enrolled students was way smaller than anticipated, although all the entropy of plan transitions and the like may still bring some surprises. In any case, we were way over capacity. Wherever possible, we closed only schedules that were at the same time as other classes, so it won't limit your options significantly. The affected schedules are still in the timetable but have a capacity of zero, so you won't be able to enroll. 

Still regarding the schedules, we will be keeping both theoretical class schedules open for now. Do keep in mind, though, that if during the semester attendance falls below acceptable numbers (typically around 20) we will merge the schedules. Also, there is a limited number of vacancies on each schedule. Enroll in the one you are going to attend, as having a (roughly) balanced number of students in class matters, this year (more on this below).

As for the labs, you will be doing group work in groups of 3 students. Be advised that you will only be able to form group with colleagues that enrolled in the same lab schedule as you. We will form these groups in the first lab class.

Another important bit. Now we have periods instead of semesters, and an intensive learning approach. That means that all of the seven weeks in the period count! As such, we'll hit the ground running on the first week! We will be using a flipped classroom approach, that requires preparation at home. There will be no lecturing. We'll be using the classes for discussion and to clarify any questions you may have based on what you prepared beforehand. So, preparation is essential. As such, you should start preparing for the first class (on the 27th) and first lab (on the first week) right now.

How to do that? Not here. This course will take place on moodle, at I've just enrolled everyone in the course there. Login using your Fenix credentials. There you will find all info about the classes, videos to watch explaining the materials to prepare for class, the lab assignments (including some videos as well), the quizzes to be done before class, etc. In fact, this is the only post I'll ever do on Fenix. From now on, all the action takes place on Moodle. A post already there explains how to prepare for classes.

That's it for now! Let's have a great semester together!