Lab Guides

Lab #SubjectMaterials
1Tutorial D3 ID3 Tutorial
2Tutorial D3 IID3 Tutorial II
3Checkpoint I: Project ProposalDocument Template
Presentation Template
4Data Cleaning and ProcessingPentaho DI Tutorial
Data files
5Checkpoint II: DataDocument Template
Presentation Template
6Feedback: Data
7Checkpoint III: VIS SketchDocument Template
Presentation Template
8Feedback: VIS Sketch
9Feedback: ongoing prototype
10Checkpoint IV: First PrototypeDocument Template
11Feedback: Interactivity
12Feedback: Integration
13Checkpoint V: Final Prototype + ReportInstructions
Document Template

Throughout the semester you will be developing a visualization with support in the lab classes. Each lab class has some expected work that must be prepared beforehand and presented there. Five of the labs are Checkpoints that will be graded. The remainder are not graded but will allow you to get timely feedback on your work before a checkpoint comes. Labs will be in groups of 3. Please check the lab guides for more details.