QIT presentations

10 Janeiro 2016, 23:54 Yasser Omar

Thursday 14 January 2016:

10h00 - Ana Margarida Vieira: Quantum simulations with ultra cold quantum gases

10h30 - Hadi Zahir: Measuring Entanglement in Condensed Matter Systems

11h00 - Sima Pouyandeh: Vibronic origin of long-lived coherence in an artificial molecular light harvester

11h30 - break

11h40 - Muzzamal Shaukat: State preservation by repetitive error detection in a superconducting quantum circuit

12h10 - Syed Tahir Amin: Quantum Memories

12h40 - Preeti Yadav: A simple implementation of quantum key distribution based on single-photon Bell state measurement

13h10 - Ricardo Passos:  Implementing quantum key distribution: challenges and present solutions

13h40 - end