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Invited Lectures in the "Topicos de Investigação" course

8 Novembro 2017, 14:57 Bruno Emanuel Da Graça Martins

The first session in the series of invited lectures for the "Topicos de Investigação" course is scheduled for the 22nd de November, by 17h30, on room F8.

In this lecture, Prof. Francisco Couto will provide advice concerning research projects related to the general area of information systems, with a specific focus on his own work focused on text and data mining for life sciences applications.

The complete schedule for the invited lectures is now published on the course webpage. Notice that some of the lectures will take place in a different room, and outside of the regular course schedule.

Seminars within the "Symposium on Complex Networks: from Classical to Quantum"

11 Outubro 2017, 16:04

Distinguished lecture at INESC-ID : Kurt Melhorn, Certifying Computations: Algorithmics meets Software Engineering

4 Outubro 2017, 18:58

Seminar at INESC-ID : Cases on optimization for scheduling and timetabling

4 Outubro 2017, 12:18

Primeira aula de tópicos de investigação

12 Setembro 2017, 20:11

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Bruno Emanuel Da Graça Martins