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Grades for short quiz questions and course projects

20 Janeiro 2016, 08:35 Bruno Emanuel Da Graça Martins

The grades for the answers to the short quiz questions have been published online. Students should contact Prof. Bruno Martins for any questions regarding these exercises.

Note that the course projects should be delivered in the next few days, so that the public presentations can still take place before the period for the publication of grades for 1st semester courses (8 February 2016). The process associated to the delivery and defense of the TI course projects, along with the involved documentation, is published on the course webpage. Students should again contact Prof. Bruno Martins for any question regarding the course project.

Invited lectures for the TI course

4 Novembro 2015, 07:20

Regulars classes for the TI course

16 Outubro 2015, 08:20

Second regular class for the TI course - Changes in course schedule

7 Outubro 2015, 01:36

First class of the semester

9 Setembro 2015, 19:33

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