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8 Fevereiro 2017, 10:02 Miguel Nuno Dias Alves Pupo Correia

TDRI is an advanced course on computer security. The course evolves around the several ways to deal with security events including tolerating, detecting and recovering from attacks and intrusions. 

If you are planning to do the course, please send me an email. If you have questions, feel free to make them.

The course has typically a low number of students so it is somewhat flexible. The plan is that it will work as follows. We will have a meeting/class weekly to discuss one or two papers that you must read before the class. Around the middle of the semester we will define a project (involving programming or not) for you to do and report in the form of a short paper. The final grade will include both my assessment of the paper discussions and the project.

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Miguel Nuno Dias Alves Pupo Correia