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Exam "Época Extraordinária"

30 Julho 2021, 14:34 João Paulo Ferreira da Silva

If there is a legal enrollment for it, the Exam "Época Extraordinária" of Teoria de Campo/MEFT will take place on Monday, 6th of September 2021, 14h00-17h00.

(If, by indication of GOP, there is no room available for that date/time, some other solution will be posted on this page).

"Época Especial" revision and grades

23 Julho 2021, 20:23

"Época Especial" exam

21 Julho 2021, 19:12

Ex2 grading revision

12 Julho 2021, 14:49

Registration for Exam 2

29 Junho 2021, 15:48

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João Paulo Ferreira da Silva



Jorge Manuel Rodrigues Crispim Romão