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TCR classes by videoconference

29 Março 2020, 19:54 Helena Silva Barranha Gomes

Dear students,

As previously announced, we inform that on 30 March we will start TCR classes by videoconference through the Colibri/ Zoom platform. The schedule for online classes will be the same as the former face-to-face classes, with the same shifts in Portuguese and English. Monday's classes will be lectured by Prof. Ana Paula Pinto and Wednesday's by Prof. Helena Barranha. 
We will send you in advance, by email, the links to access the classes.
Thanks and see you soon. 

TCR – aulas por videoconferência

29 Março 2020, 19:52

Ensino à distância

16 Março 2020, 18:46

Distance learning

16 Março 2020, 18:42

Shift Enrollment

14 Fevereiro 2020, 16:52

Corpo Docente

Helena Silva Barranha Gomes