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Essay Topics presentations

19 Novembro 2018, 12:08 Pedro Manuel Santos de Carvalho

Essay Topics presentations will be held on the 27th and the 28th of November. In order to schedule teams across the two days, we ask you to send us an email stating your team composition and chosen topic. Please do this before Tue next week.
Note that: 

1) You may chose to develop and present individually (teaming up is not mandatory)
2) You may chose a topic that is not listed in at suggested topics list
3) Your presentation has to last less than 10 min

This Wednesday 21st, the EPP class will not be to taught.

Midterm Exam date

23 Outubro 2018, 10:15

First Lecture: Wed, Sep.19th at 15.30

18 Setembro 2018, 15:46

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Pedro Manuel Santos de Carvalho