Environmental Policy and Law in Portugal - Constitutional Principles and Framework Law for the Environment

23 Maio 2018, 11:30 Francisco Carlos da Graça Nunes Correia

Hierarchy of legislation in general and the specific case of environmental policies. Overarching nature of the Constitution and how it afforests the environmental issues in Portugal. The "double" nature of the environment: a right and a duty. The Framework law of the Environment: objectives, principles, rights and duties, natural components of the environment, environmental problems resulting from human activities, and need for integrating environmental concerns in all sectorial policies. The specific case of water in Europe and in Portugal. Important contributions of the EU Framework Water Directive and its main dimensions of innovation. The transposition of the Water Framework Directive into the Portuguese legislation.

Mathematical  modelling  of  groundwater  flow

9 Maio 2018, 11:30 Luis Filipe Tavares Ribeiro

1 Groundwater and the hydrological cycle. Aquifers, aquitards and aquicludes. Groundwater flow in porous, karstic and fractured aquifers, Darcy Law. Hydraulic conductivity and permeability Piezometry and Hubbert analysis; Equivalence of heterogeneity and anisotropy in multilayer aquifers. Definition of REV. Transmissivity and storage coefficient. Leakage. Fundamental groundwater equation in steady and transient regimes.

2 Hydrogeological unities and aquifer systems of Portugal. Dominant lithological types, hydraulic mechanisms and average groundwater resources.

3 Numerical solution of the differential equation of flow in porous media. Conceptual model. Finite difference method. Spatial and temporal discretization.Initial condition and type of boundary conditions. Calibration. Method of trial and error. Inverse Problem. Zoning method and coefficients of influence. Introduction to PMWIN code.Examples

4 Example: Characterization and Modeling of Chancay-Huaral aquifer (Peru) 

Environmental impact of water resources projects and strategic environmental assessment of plans and programs.

2 Maio 2018, 11:30 Manuel Duarte Pinheiro

Environmental impact of water resources projects and strategic environmental assessment of plans and programs. What is environmental impact? How is the evolution in the decision process to consider environmental assessment; Why are important to be consider this environment assessment?; What is environmental impact assessment and strategical environmental assessment? What is the approach use to assess strategical effects and impact assessment? What will be the challenges?

Design and management of reservoirs

18 Abril 2018, 11:30 Rodrigo Proença de Oliveira

What is at stake? Types of dams and reservoirs. Dam structures. Reservoir zones.  Reservoir water balance equation. Performance measures: reliability, vulnerability, resilience. Storage-yield performance relationships. Methods for reservoir sizing. Operating rules. Simulation vs optimization. Reservoir operation simulation models. Methods for reservoir operation optimization. •Final remarks.

Watershed modelling

4 Abril 2018, 11:30 Rodrigo Proença de Oliveira

What do we mean by watershed models? Model classification. A bit of history. Components of a watershed model. Data requirements and data sources. Model calibration and validation. Brief description of SWAT. Ocham’s razor. Model inter comparison exercises. Final remarks