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Results of the 2nd evaluation period

1 Julho 2015, 20:39 Maria Paula Dos Santos Queluz Rodrigues

The results of the 2nd exam and of the tests repetition have been published in the TS website (section "Resultados da avaliação") - you may  see the correction of it  (and your own resolutions) on Friday, 3rd July, at 15:00, in room LT4.

Registrations on the 2nd evaluation period

19 Junho 2015, 12:34

Resultados de 1a. época

17 Junho 2015, 13:13

Results of 2nd test / 1st exam

10 Junho 2015, 17:52

On the use of calculators

6 Junho 2015, 23:59

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Maria Paula Dos Santos Queluz Rodrigues