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Repositories for collaborative testing and for project submission

29 Novembro 2020, 16:27 Ana Almeida Matos

Repository for collaborative testing and for project submission.

1- The set of examples of slices provided in section "Project" do not replace the need for you to appropriately test your tool. In order to use these examples for testing, you will need to create patterns of vulnerabilities where the function names that appear in slices appear/don't appear as sources, sanitizers and sinks of one or more vulnerabilities.

In order to facilitate the testing process, we encourage students to use the course's Collaborative Testing system, which is based on the following repository: https://git.rnl.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/SSof2021/Project2-Tests
Here you can upload your tests and corresponding solutions, as well as retrieve your colleagues contributions in order to test your own tool. You will be able to analyze differences in outputs in order to identify potential bugs in your code, or questions that you might like to clarify. Please follow the instructions that are provided, in order to ensure that your contributions are helpful.

2- Submission of your solutions should be made via your group's private repository at Git: https://git.rnl.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/SSof2021/Project2-GroupX

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Project 2

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Room assignment for tomorrow's test

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Registration and Topics for the First Test

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Tests from previous years and Registration for 1st test

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