Métodos de Avaliação


T1 - test 1

T2 - test 2

P - project

A - analysis

E - exam ("época especial")

Normal students and "trabalhador-estudante"

  • Calculation of the final grade: 0,3*T1 + 0,3*T2 + 0,2*P + 0,2*A
  • The components T1 and T2 can be obtained during the first phase of the corresponding tests or the repetition ("repescagem") phase. You can repeat one or both tests, and the highest grade will be used.
  • Conditions for approval: (T1+T2)/2 >= 9.5 and (P+A)/2 >= 9.5

"Época especial"

  • Calculation of the final grade:
    • E or
    • 0.6*E + 0.2*P + 0.2*A
  • Conditions for approval: E>= 9.5 and (P+A)/2 >= 9.5

Partial grades from previous years
Following the policy of the Scientific Area that Software Security is part of, partial grades from previous years may not be reused. Only grades for students that are officially registered this year will be kept.