Published Final Grades

11 Fevereiro 2020, 10:07 Ana Almeida Matos

The final grades, after revision of all evaluation components, are now published.

Published grades for Repetition Tests

4 Fevereiro 2020, 23:24 Ana Almeida Matos

The grades for Repetition Tests 1 and 2 are now published in the "Grades" section. You can consult your test and grading during the "revisão de provas", as announced in the previous post.

Any considerations regarding these evaluation components that have been completed so far must be requested until Friday 7 February.

Revision of Repetition Tests

4 Fevereiro 2020, 15:13 Ana Almeida Matos

The dates for revision of the repetition tests are:

Alameda - Thursday February 6, 15.30, room 0.09, building Informática 3.

Tagus - Friday February 7, 10.00, room 2N3-11. 

(The grades will be announced later today)

Extra Office hours

27 Janeiro 2020, 01:12 Ana Almeida Matos

I will be available for answering questions tomorrow (Monday 27 Jan), at the following times:

  • at Alameda, 10h-12h, room 2.05, floor 2 of "Informática III" building
  • at Tagus 13h30-15h30, room 2N3-11
Please write an email in case you are not arriving within the first half-hour, as the session will terminate after half-an hour where no students are present or have notified me about later arrival.

Registration Repetition Tests

21 Janeiro 2020, 12:35 Ana Almeida Matos

You can repeat one or both T1 and T2 at the "Repescagem Test" that is schedulled for 28 of January.  The best grade between T1/RepT1 and T2/RepT2 will be the final one.

Registration for this repetition test, until Thursday 23, is mandatory.
By registering, we will assume that you wish to do the test(s) for which you have <11.

If you wish to repeat a test that does not fall into this criteria, please write an email to me ( indicating, in the subject, which one you would like to do.