Access do videos

6 Dezembro 2021, 15:47 Miguel Nuno Dias Alves Pupo Correia

Several students are asking us to share the videos. There is no need and we will not do it: you have to access from your Google account . To activate it, you have to go to

Repetition of this week's theoretical class during Lab

1 Dezembro 2021, 19:24 Ana Almeida Matos

Unfortunately, due to a technical mistake, the recordings of the theoretical class LBS T1 and LBS L5 were not made.

In order to make sure that those attending the Labs on Thursday have a chance to attend/watch the theoretical class before the lab class, I will repeat LBS T1 tomorrow 2 December at 10:00, in Lab 4, instead of LBS L4.

If you have not yet attended this week's classes, please make the necessary adjustments, by attending or watching the theoretical one before a lab (LBS L3 or L6). I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Problem with class LBS L1 today

30 Novembro 2021, 14:49 Ana Almeida Matos

Unfortunately due to sudden sickness I will not be able to give today's Lab L1 class. Please follow remotely one of Thursday's classes (L3, L4 or L6). Recordings will also be available.

Problem with class VSSD T2 on December 2nd

30 Novembro 2021, 08:36 Miguel Nuno Dias Alves Pupo Correia

Students from Tagus: please see the comment I left in "Course Logistics" / "Week 1" about that class. I will not be able to teach it.

First Week of Classes

29 Novembro 2021, 06:02 João Ricardo Sares Teles de Matos

Apologies for the late publication of this announcement, that is due to a technical issue. These are the classes taking place this week:

All theoretical classes will start this week. (Nov 29 – Dec 5)
LBS labs will start on the first week. (Nov 29 – Dec 5)

VSSD labs will start on the second week. (Dec 6 – Dec 12)
Note: This means there will be no labs on Monday or Friday.

Please check the Course Logistics page to see which classes are assigned to each topic and how to attend replacement classes. Introductory videos to be watched before class are also available.

Replacement classes for Wednesday's holiday:

Students with LBS classes on Wednesday (LBS T1 or LBS L5) should attend other LBS time slots remotely, via Zoom.
The replacement for the theoretical class is Tuesday 10:00–12:00.
The replacement for the lab class is any of the other LBS lab classes, on Tuesday or Thursday.

Recorded classes will also be made available, in case you can't make it.