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Discussions of Projects. Labs of Week Dec17-Dec21

12 Dezembro 2018, 21:52 Pedro Adão

Dear students,

Project discussions will happen next week during labs (in a slightly extended schedule).
Each group should pick one of the 20minutes’ slot available in the link below. Slots will be available on a first-come first-served basis.
Please be courteous and whenever possible select a slot that coincides with your lab schedule to avoid disruption of other classes.

Prepare yourselves to explain and demonstrate your project in <10 minutes (how is it done, how is it organised, how do you store and propagate values, what are its strengths, and what does it miss) + 10 minutes of questions.
Also be prepared to show your project running and for that bring your computer and the test cases provided to you.

You need to know your group number!


The available slots are

Monday, 17Dec, 08h00-09h30, 8 slots
Monday, 17Dec, 11h00-12h30, 8 slots
Tuesday, 18Dec, 09h30-11h00, 8 slots

Thursday, 20Dec, 15h00-17h00, 6 slots (notice that it starts 30 minutes before the scheduled lab)
Friday, 21Dec, 08h30-11h00, 14 slots  (notice that it starts 60 minutes before the scheduled lab)

Good luck!

Discussions of Projects. Labs of Week Dec17-Dec21

12 Dezembro 2018, 19:59

Grades of Test1 &#43; Revision of Test1 (update with rooms)

11 Dezembro 2018, 13:57

Paper presentation slides

4 Dezembro 2018, 19:33

Paper presentations

4 Dezembro 2018, 11:12

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