Information about online exams

12 Junho 2020, 19:21 Mónica Duarte Correia de Oliveira

Dear all,

Instructions about online exams are now available in the fenix webpage.
Best regards,
Mónica Oliveira


16 Março 2020, 07:14 Mónica Duarte Correia de Oliveira

Dear students,

Here is some information regarding the adaptation of the Health Systems course to non-face to face teaching:

•                    The program has been maintained, with slight adaptations; for instance, 5 seminars with invited lecturers had been planned, but most of them have been cancelled; the exceptions will be the seminars held by Prof.s Rogério Gaspar and António Vaz Carneiro from the Pharmacy and Medical Schools of the University of Lisbon through videoconferencing; see new document with the rescheduling of the program;

•                    Evaluation rules have also been slightly adapted, with the main changes being the cancelling of the presentation and discussion of the first groupwork, and changes in the calculation of the participatory component via kahoot; see new version of the evaluation rules document;

•                    Most lectures and classes will be delivered by videoconferencing, with some planned lectures to be delivered with videos; whenever possible, the videos from the videoconferencing will be made available (videoconferencing will be the first choice for teaching); if there are technological or availability issues when teaching with videoconferencing, videos will be made available, and there will be chat time for clarifying questions; in case the lecturing team becomes ill, you will be provided materials and information for autonomous study;

•                    Every week you will receive instructions regarding teaching; by default video conferencing will be used;

•                    Office hours through videoconferencing or skype have now been rescheduled; you have the skype contacts of the lecturing team;

•                    Recommended weekly readings will keep being used, and are now more important in this teaching context;

•                    A document will be made available with instructions to follow for videoconferencing;

•                    The rescheduling of the course assumes that there will be online teaching until the end of the semester.

Please read carefully all the documents made available through fenix.

Thank you. Best regards,

Mónica Oliveira