2nd test revision and extra office hours

20 Janeiro 2016, 23:59 Miguel Filipe Leitão Pardal

As announced earlier, the second test revision will be on Friday, January 22nd.

The time is 09:30 at room 2-N3.17, Taguspark.


Prof Miguel Pardal will have an extra office hour at 11:00, to answer your questions about the course topics.

Recovery test registration

20 Janeiro 2016, 09:27 Ricardo Chaves

Dear students,

those wishing to attend the recovery tests must register. The registration is open until tomorrow (21/01/2016) until 9:00 AM.

You can attend test 1, test 2 or both. You chose on the day which to do.

Pleasant study.

Grades update - importante

15 Janeiro 2016, 20:05 Ricardo Chaves

Dear students,
there was an error in the calculation of the the final grade.

Please confirm your grade after this correction.

The final grande is calculated as:
     0.6 x (T1/2 + T2/2 + Bonus) + 0.4 x Proj.
and a minimum grande of 8 is required on each individual test. The grade is rounded only at the end of the calculation.

The bonus is of 1 value (out of 20) if the student only does one evaluation of each test.

My apologies for the possible confusion.

2nd test and final grade are published

15 Janeiro 2016, 15:32 Ricardo Chaves

Dear students,

the 2nd test and final grade are published.

The 2nd test revision will be held next week on the 22nd of January. Time and location will be announced soon.

Second test

4 Janeiro 2016, 10:47 Miguel Filipe Leitão Pardal

The second test will be today, starting at 12:00 and the duration of the test is 1 hour.

Students with an even number should go to room 1-2.
Students with an odd number should go to room 1-4.

Students not enrolled should go to room A5 at 11:50.