Viffera presentation on the Thursday January 20th lecture (after the mini-test)

18 Janeiro 2022, 14:07 Miguel Filipe Leitão Pardal

Dear students,
We will have an invited presentation on the Thursday January 20th from Viffera.

The presentation will happen after the mini-test.

Date: 20/1/2022 (next Thursday) at 14:00 WET
Location: EA1, Alameda
Zoom (to be confirmed):

Title: Preparing for Augmented Authentication to safeguard infrastructures in web3.0

On average, every 39 seconds a breach is attempted. Hacking is becoming the predominant force to exploit companies and individuals alike to gain power, knowledge and/or money. Those hackers, which can be from singular or group of individuals up to state sponsored organisations, exploit the weaknesses between technology and Humans! As a consequence, we are now starting to deploy multi-factor authentication (MFA) that focus on 3 aspects: have, know, are, but still breaches keep rising. We need to rethink authentication and how authentication is performed, starting from the user Identity, followed by user experience with digital systems and ensure that advanced 3-factor authentication is integrated into critical digital infrastructure. Viffera is an early-stage start-up, based in Eindhoven, with the vision to create a new framework in authentication, creating a more advanced authentication that is even stronger but truly hassle free. In this lecture we will provide a view on the authentication paradigm and the proposal for advanced and continuous MFA.

Speaker: Helder Salvador, CTO at Viffera

Bio: Helder Salvador holds a PDEng in product design, M.Sc degree in computational mechanics. Prior to joining Canon he developed work on image and signal processing applied to chemical processes and worked as consultant for several projects related to fluid, thermal and solid mechanics. At Canon he works as physicist, being responsible to develop knowledge applied to printed ink layers in close collaboration with academic experts. In is free time he enjoys sailing and hiking in nature