Start of classes

25 Novembro 2021, 15:08 Miguel Filipe Leitão Pardal

Dear students, welcome to the SIRS course!

We will start classes next Monday, November 29th, both the theoretical lectures and the lab sessions.

In the first lab, you will be required to inform the lab professor about the composition of your project team, made of 3 students, committed to work together. All 3 students should be enrolled in the same lab session, so that they can be accompanied by the same lab professor over the period of classes. You will need to provide the name and number for each team member.

For doing the lab session itself, you should go to the 'Labs' section of this site and start the Setup of the lab environment.
The guide for the first lab, 'Virtual Networking' is also available. You are expected to set up beforehand.

More information about the course will be posted over the next days.

Best regards!

~ Miguel Pardal and Ricardo Chaves
on behalf of all the teacher team