Project form requires Técnico Google Suite Account

8 Dezembro 2021, 20:36 Miguel Filipe Leitão Pardal

The project topic form link will appear as a new announcement:

Thursday, December 9th, 13:00 
and closes: 
Friday, December 10th, 17:00. 

This is how the form will look like.

IMPORTANT: To answer the form you will need to have a G Suite for Education account activated and associated with your Técnico Identity (Fénix). Attention: this is not the same as the U. Lisboa identity. 

To activate G Suite for Education; go to the IT self-service: and click on "Ativar"; "GSuite" and accept the terms of use. Then login to a Google service with the Técnico email, for example,

To test the correct configuration, you can use this test form:
If you can answer it, then the configuration is correct.
This platform will also be used for the mini-tests.