10 Dezembro 2021, 16:23 Miguel Filipe Leitão Pardal

The first mini-test will happen during the second theoretical lecture of next week, i.e, Wednesday for Taguspark, Thursday for Alameda.

The topics include everything covered in the classes until this week (inclusive), i.e., introduction, network vulnerabilities, network defenses (firewalls, IDS, SIEM).

The questions will be multiple-choice with only one right answer for each question. Wrong responses will contribute negatively to the grade.

You will have to:
  • be physically present in the room;
  • bring your student identification with photo;
  • attend the whole lecture;
  • bring a network-connected device.

IMPORTANT:To answer the mini-test you will need to have a G Suite for Education account activated and associated with your Técnico Identity (Fénix). Attention: this is not the same as the U. Lisboa identity.

To activate G Suite for Education; go to the IT self-service: and click on "Ativar"; "GSuite" and accept the terms of use. Then login to a Google service with the Técnico email, for example, go to

To test the correct configuration, you can use this test form:
If you can answer it with your account, then the configuration is correct.