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Minimum test grade and bonus

28 Dezembro 2014, 23:57 Miguel Filipe Leitão Pardal


Regarding the evaluation of the theoretical component of this course, the minimum grade of 9 (8.5 out of 20 values) is required for the average grade of the tests. There is no minimum grade for each individual test.

The best grade between each test pair is used, however an extra credit is given to those that only go to one of each test. This extra credit goes from 1 to 0 values (depending on the average tests grade).

Example 1: av. tests grade =10 -> final tests grade = 11

Example 2: av. tests grade =15 -> final tests grade = 15.5

Doubt schedule

26 Dezembro 2014, 14:54

1st test revision

26 Dezembro 2014, 14:51

RNL VM retrieval

23 Dezembro 2014, 16:36

Project presentations sessions

9 Dezembro 2014, 15:17

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