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18 Fevereiro 2023, 20:51 Miguel Amaral

Dear Students,

After going through almost 2000 blocks of text from your weekly feedbacks and around 1000 pages from your individual essays and team projects, your final grades are available here.

The different components of the evaluation were assessed by taking into account the several topics/criteria that we discussed in class (and which are also mentioned in the Syllabus).

We have to say Congratulations! In general your projects where good and interesting, you have participated  actively in classes and worked in a very practical, autonomous and productive way. Thank you very much for your attendance and excellent collaboration.

If you have some questions regarding the grades (or if you detect some glitch/imprecision) just send us an e-mail as soon as possible - until the end of this Monday - please. Tuesday morning we will officially publish the grades .

All the best,
Miguel / Filipa

Final Presentations

5 Janeiro 2023, 01:39

Happy New Year! (& final presentations)

31 Dezembro 2022, 19:44

"Group Project - Final Document"

16 Dezembro 2022, 18:24

Seminar 19 December - "Nuclear Fusion in the Age of Climate Change", by Bruno Gonçalves

13 Dezembro 2022, 23:45

Corpo Docente

Miguel Amaral



Filipa Ribeiro