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Publication Notes

6 Fevereiro 2013, 13:37 João Pedro Carvalho

Dear SIDS students, It was a pleasure to have you with us and we hope you enjoyed this very specific curricular unit. The final marks are now available, and if you want to see the different components of it you can consult the PDF file in section “Final Marks”. Nice to meet you all and have a very nice time José Figueiredo Henrique Matos Rosário Partidário

Project Delivery

7 Janeiro 2013, 14:45

Project Student's Allocation

22 Outubro 2012, 18:28


19 Outubro 2012, 19:26

Starting classes - TODAY

17 Setembro 2012, 11:35

Corpo Docente

José Manuel Costa Dias de Figueiredo



Henrique Anibal Santos de Matos

Maria do Rosário Sintra de Almeida Partidário