Métodos de Avaliação

The assessment process has two components.
1/ Attendance to Colloquia or to Lectures/Talks (60%) Students must attend at least 3 of the ~6 official Colloquia of the Department of Physics (normally on Wednesdays at 4pm), compiling notes to summarize the most important findings / results reported and expressing a critical view of them ( max. 500 words per essay; typically one page A4).
For the second term 2018/2019, the Colloquia of the Department of Physics can be found here.
This component can be obtained externally, by attending at least six lectures/talks (eg invited lectures, >40 min.) from an area outside the specific track of the student's thesis. Each one as to be clearly identified with:
- name, place and date/time of the event
- website of the event and/or the organizer
- name of the lecturer
- title of the lecture/talk
In total, each student must submit 6 memoranda on Colloquia / Lectures / Talks  
2/ Participation in the PhD Open Days (9-10 April 2019) (40%) http://phdopendays.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/ 
Students should present a poster during this event, presenting the state-of-the-art in the field and the status/future plans for their doctoral work.  
The evaluation will focus on the quality of the poster and the presentation. 

The poster template can be downloaded here

Poster assessment criteria

Overall Appearance:

  • Pleasant to look (colors, text, graphics).
  • Text / Graphics well balanced
  • Descriptive captions
  • Readable text / fonts size from a distance

Organization and Flow:

  • Headings
  • Flow of contents (objectives / results / conclusions)
  • Self-explained

Author identification / affiliation