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Energy Services General Information

20 Setembro 2017, 10:01 Carlos Augusto Santos Silva

Dear all, 

Welcome to the ourse Energy Services.

This course is a project based course on designing energy services.

The course will have two theory/problems classes per week. 

However, out of the 8 registered, i just had 3 attendances on monday on no attendance today. 

So I need to check with everybody if they are attending the course and to share with me the slots you have available to do this course.

For example : Monday (11 to 12H30, 14Hto 16H) Tuesday (10 to 11)....

I will try to set up a schedule that fits all 

Please send you emails with the word "SEne" in the subject. Please answer as fast as you can.



Corpo Docente

Carlos Augusto Santos Silva



Luís Filipe Moreira Mendes