Wide-angle seismic and examples of the Brazilian continental margins

2 Junho 2017, 11:00 Maria João Correia Colunas Pereira

"Wide-angle seismic and examples of the Brazilian continental margins”, will be presented by Alexandra Afilhado, ISEL

Alexandra Afilhado is Assistent Professor of the Department of Civil Engeenearing of the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, since 1991. She obtained a McS (1996) and a PhD (2006) in physics, Solid Earth Geophysics, from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. Afilhado authored/co-authored 9 peer reviewed journal articles, 1 book chapter, 7 technical reports, and several scientific communications, including seminars for the oil industry. She contributes regularly to peer reviewing and academic committees. From 2012 to 2014, she was at the Laboratoire de Géophysique et Géodynamique, Géosciences Marines, Intitut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer. Her main research interest is geodynamics and tectonics of passive continental margins. She is experienced in seismic imaging of the crust and shallow mantle, including wide-angle seismic acquisition, processing and modeling. From 1989 she contributed to onshore / offshore wide-angle seismic surveys in Iberian, Mediterranean, Brazilian and Mozambique continental margins, involving Portuguese and international academic and oil industry partners. She is currently involved in collaborative research projects for the Brazil (Magic, Salsa) and Mozambique (Moz35) continental margins, led by Ifremer, with oil industry and academic partners. She is currently co-supervising one PhD student of the Faculdade de Ciências da University of Lisbon. She co-coordinates the interdepartmental research laboratory of Seismology of Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa.

Drilling Engineering - An Overview

31 Maio 2017, 11:30 Maria João Correia Colunas Pereira

Team work

26 Maio 2017, 11:00 Maria João Correia Colunas Pereira

"Team work" by Sofia Sá and Helena Borges

Helena Borges has a degree in Social Sciences at Universidade Aberta, certified trainer (CCP) Initial Pedagogical Training of Trainers in 2016 - Alamedas Office, Helena Borges has been providing training since 2016 in the pedagogical areas of skills acquisition. She is currently performing duties at Technical University of Lisbon, at the Academic Development Center - GATU, where she assumes various functions such as training, coaching and organization of processes and events.

Sofia Sá is an Educational Psychologist, passionate about Training particularly when it involves Communication and Teacher Training. MsC in Educational Psychology (ISPA), Certified Trainer (Portuguese Certificate of Pedagogical Competence – CCP), Qualified and registered with the Scientific and Pedagogic Portuguese Council for Continual Training (CCPFC). Since with 2002 she has been engaged in multiple trainings initiatives and acted has a consultant either for the Private Sector or in State Institutions. Currently, she is collaborating with Academic Development Center - GATU at IST on the scope of a professional scholarship.

Students' Presentations

24 Maio 2017, 11:30 Maria João Correia Colunas Pereira

Students' Presentations

Master an PhD in Petroleum Engineering Annual Meeting

19 Maio 2017, 11:00 Maria João Correia Colunas Pereira

09:00   Welcome Session (Room 4.41 Civil Building )


09:10   Geostatistical history matching coupled with adaptive stochastic sampling: A zonation-based approach using direct sequential simulation  - Eduardo Barrela (PhD candidate)

09:30 Symbolic regression for automatic history matching -Erik Shimabukuro (MSc candidate)

09:50  Balancing the match to static and dynamic data in history matching and uncertainty prediction - João Pereira (MSc candidate)

10:10   Assessing geological uncertanties in geostatistical seismic inversion - Diogo Lopes (MSc candidate)

10:30   Coffee Break


10:50  EOR experiments using surfactants and low salinity water -  Gergana Vanova (MSc candidate)

11:10  Polymer injections in Glass-Silicon-Glass micromodels  -  Guillaume Fukatsu  (MSc candidate)

11:30  Geophysical and geological interpretation of an onshore region in Lusitanian Basin– João Rodrigues (MSc candidate)

11:50   Geostatistical inversion of time-lapse seismic data - Eduardo Miyabukuro (MSc candidate)

12:10   Machine learning applications in petroleum geosciences - Ruben Nunes (PhD candidate)

12:30   Closing Session


13:00   Lunch Break (Networking with companies)


14:30   Petro Summit (Room 4.41 Civil Building )

  ​New trends and challenges in Petroleum Engineering

  Organized by: Instituto Superior Técnico SPE student Chapter and SEG Student Chapter

17:45 Farewell drinks