Exame de época especial

2 Setembro 2020, 15:34 Gonçalo Nuno Gomes Tavares

O exame de época especial desta UC realiza-se no dia 9 de setembro às 9:00. Os alunos que pretendam realizar esta prova devem contactar o docente no endereço  goncalo.tavares@tecnico.ulisboa pt

Link para provas de 2ª época, hoje às 18:30

14 Julho 2020, 18:06 Gonçalo Nuno Gomes Tavares

SEPS office hours, next monday July 13 at 14:00

10 Julho 2020, 15:29 Gonçalo Nuno Gomes Tavares

Enrollment for the July 14 assessment

30 Junho 2020, 14:01 Gonçalo Nuno Gomes Tavares

In the assessment date scheduled for July 14 you can recover either test or do the exam in order to obtain approval or to improve your current grade on the SEPS course. For this assessment date, enrollment is mandatory. If you plan to attend please go the course website, tab "Groups", and enroll in one (and only one) of the groups: "Exam", "First test recovery" or "Second test recovery". Enrollment is open until July 12,  23:59.

Second test/ Problem set scores

23 Junho 2020, 16:52 Gonçalo Nuno Gomes Tavares

The second test scores have been published as well as the problem set scores.I will open a zoom session next Thrusday at 12:00 AM (Lisbon time) for those interested in reviewing the test.