Aulas Teóricas

Course presentation





The case for Integration

What is integration

Bussiness imperatives

Integration cases and their challenges

Strategical implications of digitalization on the Economy

  • Extension of the analysis model of Business competitiveness
  • Laws governing the digitization of the economy
  • Effects on the structure of the companies
  • Digital Economy and its implications on integration

Defining the integration Case


Digital Economy - expectations, utopia, reality (conclusion)

Defining a business integration case

  • Business drivers
  • KPI



Defining the Integration Case

Case Template

KPI and metrics


Functional scope

Scope of Integration

Tactic integration

Strategic integration

  • Rationale
  • Process oriented integration
  • Service oriented integration

Service Oriented Architecture

Possible definition of SOA

Characteristics of Services

Aggregation of Services

Service Oriented and Business Process Architecture

Methodology for defining business services

Bottom-up and top-down approaches

Service Bus

Orchestration versus Workflow processes


Integração de Aplicações

File integration


Web service and Rest: Comparaison

Data Oriented Integartion, tecnologies 

Package application integrations, example SAP


Message Oriented Middleware

Transactional Monitors

Time coupling

Message queues

Publish & subscriptions

Characteristics of MOM

Java Messages

Governação SOA

Em que consiste a governação SOA

Processos, metamodelo, ferramentas de suporte

O caso da governação de serviços na EDP

Não houve aula



EAI - Enterprise Application Integration

Evolution of Application architecture

Middleware layer

1st MiniTest

EAI Evolution

Main functions of an EAI


Business Rules


Business Processes - Automatization

Workflow - Definitions and examples

Evolution of WKMS

WfMC - Standardization efforts

Evolution from WKMS to BPMS

Orchestration - definition

Messaging and ESB - TIBCO

Presentation of TIBCO

Messaging systems and very efficient messaging

Enterprise System Bus

B2B Integration

Architecture and Business Models constraints on B2B integration

Historical evolution - EDI

B2B vertical protocols

EDIINT - evolution of EDI on the Internet

XML EDI approaches

Electronic Invoice


B2B Integration

Process oriented B2B iniciatives

Rosetta Net


2º Minitest


B2B with Web Services

Security problems to be addressed

Ws - security


Autenticathion in B2B


Authentication architectures

Different approaches to identity management

B2B reliable protocols


Application to security: ws-securepolicy

Reliability in B2B

Reliable Messaging

Vertical protocols


Discussões do projecto da Cadeira

Dia de discussões globais do projecto da cadeira

B2B vertical protocols

Vertical protocols

Conversations and coordination


Business transactions and atomic transactions


A integração com os objectos - RFID



evolução das VAN e serviços

O que é o RFID

Aplicações existentes e potenciais


Integração com EAI


Integration with RFID

3rd Mini test